My background

I'm Nicholas. I'm a front-end developer at Rexlabs.

I've been writing software for more than two decades and I've developed manufacturing, geospatial and financial applications.

When I started out, I was building desktop applications, using C/C++ and the frameworks of the time.

In 2003, I began developing mobile applications on Windows PocketPC, again using C/C++. And, later, on Android and iOS, using Java and Objective-C respectively.

Today, I write isomorphic JavaScript/TypeScript applications for mobile, web and desktop, using either Angular or React, and Cordova, React Native or Electron.

My contributions

I'm a user of and an advocate for open-source software and I'm a member of the RxJS core team.

I've also contributed to several other open-source packages, most notably to AngularFire2 and tsify - a package that I now maintain.

My packages

I've authored a number of JavaScript/TypeScript packages. Some are focused on simplifying testing for projects that use TypeScript, RxJS or Firebase; others are developer tools or libraries of reusable code.

My most widely-used package is rxjs-tslint-rules. It contains a small set of TSLint rules that can be combined in various ways. It solves the problem of managing RxJS's prototype-patching imports.

My rxjs-spy package is a developer tool that helps debug RxJS applications - something that was previously a significant challenge. It has been well received and is used by the engineers at Slack.

I'm currently working on an extension to rxjs-spy that integrates its functionality with the DevTools in Chrome and Firefox.

My writing

In 2017, I started writing articles on Medium. My initial articles dealt with the RxJS tools I'd authored; my subsequent articles showed how RxJS could be used to solve particular problems, documented my experiences of testing RxJS-based applications and explained some of the less-well-known concepts in RxJS.

Writing is something I enjoy and providing simple, clear explanations for seemingly complicated topics is something I relish.

Although my articles are not solely focused on Angular - indeed, some also deal with React - they are published in Maxim Koretskyi's Angular in Depth publication.

I'm currently preparing some lessons based upon my Medium articles.

My interests

I'm continually learning about, experimenting with and contributing to new tech. Currently, I'm interested in and involved with:

My online profiles

Links to my online profiles are on this site's home page.